2012: €10,350.9m

Reported: +25.3% Constant currency*: +19.4%

Operating profit**


2012: €179.7m

Reported: +27.5% Constant currency*: +21.3%

Adjusted earnings per share**

209.96 cent

2012: 158.31 cent

Reported: +32.6% Constant currency*: +26.0%

Dividend per share

85.68 cent

2012: 77.89 cent

Reported: +10%

Operating cash flow


2012: €277.3m

Return on total capital employed


2012: 14.2%

† continuing activities i.e. excluding DCC SerCom’s Enterprise distribution business which was disposed of in June 2012

* constant currency figures quoted are based on retranslating 2012/13 figures at prior year translation rates

** all references to ‘operating profit’ and ‘adjusted earnings per share’ included in the Overview and Business Performance sections of this Report are stated excluding net exceptionals and amortisation of intangible assets

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